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How do we create a Smart City?

¡Con modelado, sensores y mucha analítica, empezamos nuestro viaje hacia la Inteligencia de las Ciudades y Ecosistemas!

Cada vez más y con mayor frecuencia, se escuchan soluciones tanto de gobierno como del sector privado donde el incremento de la calidad de vida, así como el ahorro van 100% de la mano.

More and more frequently, solutions are heard from both the government and the private sector where the increase in quality of life, as well as savings go 100% hand in hand.

Sensor technologies and the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, solar and wind energy, waste management and drinking water, leverage and weigh the efficient use of premises, parking lots through mobile applications for citizens. These are just some of the solutions that we can offer around the Smart Cities paradigm.

And we cannot leave out the star of smart solutions, that is, smart city modeling, which allows us, from the conception of the idea of the city, location and some additional data from the construction plan, to identify the proposal successful and correct so that through the application of design criteria, the city is built with true principles of a Smart City, through the extensive use of advanced technologies.

Smart Cities

Depending on your specific requirement, you can hire any of the following products:

Smart city modeling

Smart Parking

Waste Management

Water Management

Green Energy

Smart Home

Smart Campus

Smart Government

Safe Cities

Benefits of Smart Cities

active damage control

Prevention and reduction of incidents in events

Increase the attractiveness of the city for tourists and citizens

Improvement in response time to emergencies

Citizen satisfaction and security perception via sensors

Direct communication with the citizen and tourist

Our Value Proposition is Savings and Personalized Attention

Our Value Proposition is Savings and Personalized Attention

Smart technology.

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