Symmetrical Internet by Fiber Optic
Internet service and data transport for companies and multi-branch companies.
Cloud Computing
Hybrid, public and private cloud services.
Multichannel Chatbot
Multi-user and multi-network chatbot, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter and more.
Virtual Chief Technology Officer
We manage your business in a digital, simple and agile way.
Managed IT Services
We take care of the IT infrastructure of your business with savings and efficiency.
Port your corporate numbers with Ovnicom.
Take your telephone exchange wherever you go, activate your number in less than 4 hours.
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Our services



Minimize the risks of emerging threats that can affect your business.
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Fiber Optic Internet Services up to 10 GB. 100% Symmetric. We include Predictive Monitoring and Proactive Reports of your links.
Internet Services in Panama and the region.
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Managed Networks / Networking


With Ovnicom's networking services, you will be able to enjoy state-of-the-art firewalls, switches and access points, protected in the Cisco Meraki cloud.
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Thanks to our high-tech infrastructure, we have a national and international presence with a customer database...
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We make all our experience and certifications available to your company to attend to your infrastructure and systems.
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Cloud Computing

La certificación de VMware Cloud Verified garantiza que los servicios de Ovnicom son totalmente compatibles con la infraestructura de nube VMware a nivel mundial.
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Business internet services, cloud computing, cybersecurity, telephony, chatbot, data center and more

Savings, profitability and efficiency.

Focused on a clarified strategy and with a vision from the "inside out" we focus on enhancing human capital and business results where each solution, service or product offered is designed to facilitate its use through automation.

As a result, we provide personalized attention and visibility of your data in real time, allowing you to make better decisions to leverage your "Business".
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Ovnicom, your circle of trust.

For more than 19 years, we have been there for you and your business implementing efficient and high-tech solutions to make you more competitive. At Ovnicom, we believe in relationships of trust and in the benefits that they generate. We listen and analyze to solve your business problems making use of technologies while we offer you the following values:

With a national network of optic fiber we offer you a dedicated, reliable business internet service with the strictest service levels.
Internet in Panama and the region.

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