Pentest and Vulnerability Scanning (Penetration test and vulnerability scanning)

Ovnicom runs a Pentest and tests the cybersecurity of your company

Ovnicom PenTest
PenTest and Vulnerability Scanning in Panama
With the Pentest and vulnerability scanning service, Ovnicom's cybersecurity experts run penetration tests that simulate real-world attacks to compromise an organization's information assets or perform elevation of privilege. These proven security breaches are presented in order of priority, along with recommendations for action to mitigate them in the Final Report prepared by our experts. Consult with our staff o Identify the scope of testing your organization requires to prepare a proposal for you.

Consulte y cotice el PenTest y el escaneo de vulnerabilidad de su red, aplicaciones, servidores y mas, llenando nuestro formulario de alcance. 

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Benefits of a Pentest for your business
  1. Find vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure by simulating real attacks. Reduces the attack surface to prevent potential phishing attacks.
  2. Test your cybersecurity tools and plans in network infrastructure and evaluate your investments in protecting your network and information.
  3. Protect yourself against operational, financial and reputational damage, and understand the weaknesses of your network infrastructure, services and/or data and the associated mitigations to improve your position in case of a real attack.
  4. Remediation period, after presenting the findings report, a remediation period is established so that the company can correct the security flaws and perform a second penetration test again.
  5. Final report presented with an evaluation of the data protection status and infrastructure of the company prepared by certified professionals and accepted by regulatory entities.
Ovnicom develops a complete work plan.
1. Acknowledgment
The service starts by analyzing the IP ranges in the scope to document the full list of targets. The identification of running services, open ports and technologies in use is also carried out, to understand the network architecture, contact personnel, impact tolerance, among others.
2. Identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
Automatic vulnerabilities are identified. Following specific internal methodologies, other previously undetected vulnerabilities are manually identified. Work is being done on the development of attack vectors that will be used to carry out unauthorized access that may affect the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the target systems.
3. Exploitation of vulnerabilities
This phase begins by exploiting the identified vulnerabilities, to gain access. Details about the system that has been compromised are documented and privilege escalation is performed to gain access with elevated privileges. Passwords found in hashed format are obtained or cracked and new targets are identified in coordination with the client. Work is being done on integrity attacks on systems as well as on the communications network.
4. Obtaining evidence
Ovnicom will capture evidence of identified and exploited vulnerabilities, as well as escalated access to the system or domain, cracked or found passwords, or access to other confidential information.

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Vulnerability remediation
What do I do after the Pentest?

After the delivery, analysis and remediation of the vulnerabilities detected by our team, another equally important period begins that entails constant risk management by a CISO team that Ovnicom makes available to you.

If you are interested in knowing the state of your company’s cybersecurity, the protection of your data or if you are investing your security budget correctly, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form on this page.


Ciberseguridad Pentest Panamá


Identify gaps in the enterprise security program, its readiness and maturity. Define a baseline, an As Is state, and a desired state.
Ciberseguridad Pentest Panamá


Protect and minimize risks to acceptable levels as defined by the organization's risk management program and advise senior managers on cybersecurity risks and their impact on the business.
Paso asegurar - Panamá


Ensure that the vision and that of the organization align with business objectives and establish a cybersecurity program to drive security investments and technology selection.
Ciberseguridad Pentest Panamá


Report on risk management and establish standards for continuous process improvement.

Manage cybersecurity risks.

Ovnicom’s cybersecurity CISOs bring leadership, business, and consulting prowess, with the knowledge needed to communicate the state of security at all levels of the organization, from the boardroom to senior management and the operating floor.
Sus competencias pueden maximizar las inversiones en seguridad y aportar alineación, consistencia y eficiencia a un programa de gestión de riesgos de ciberseguridad.

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