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We accept Visa and MasterCard

At Ovnicom we offer you payment methods so that you can keep your account up to date. From bank transfer to online payments.

Main Offices

Panama City, Punta Pacifica, Oceania Business Plaza Building, 1000 Tower, 30th floor, office F.
Payment Methods
Cash and check (Make check payable to Galaxy Communications Corp).
Oficina ovnicom
Ovnicom pago banco general

Online Banking - Banco General

In the Banco General application or the website you must go to Transactions / Payments / Alphabetical Order / Select the letter “O” / choose Ovnicom and add to Favorites
You only have to do this the first time
1. Add Payments.
Account number: You must enter the Ovnicom account number.

Name: You must enter your first name and your last name.

Description: You must enter the Ovnicom account number
This step is the one you should repeat monthly
2. Make Payment.
Simply search for the newly added Ovnicom service and enter the value you wish to pay.
Multipagos Ovnicom

Multipagos El Rey

You can make the payment of your account at any of the multipayment branches.

Payment methods

Wire transfer

  • Beneficiary Bank: General Bank
  • Account Type: Current
  • Name: Galaxy Communications Corp.
  • Account number: 03-45-01-101816-2.
Note: When making the transfer, you must send the receipt to the email: [email protected]

Recurring payment by TDC

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Request the form to the email: [email protected]
Ovnicom western union

Western Union

Tell the cashier that you are going to pay Ovnicom and provide your account number. Payment methods: Cash and check payable to Galaxy Communications Corp.