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Carry your corporate numbers with Ovnicom and take your telephone exchange wherever you go.

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Telephony designed to give you control of your business, guaranteeing mobility and connectivity wherever you are.

Telephone and unified communications services are a type of business communication service that combine traditional telephone service with other forms of communication, such as email, instant messaging, and videoconferencing. Ovnicom as a company provide this kind of service throughout Panama. This allows companies to streamline their communication processes, improve collaboration among employees, and better serve their customers. By providing these services throughout the country, Ovnicom can help companies in Panama stay connected and productive, no matter where their employees or customers are located.


Disminución de Costos

Decrease in costs

The purchase of telephone exchanges is not required and licenses, just pay for extensions and forget about hidden E1 costs, trunk lines, etc
ovnicom gestión centralizada

Centralized Management

The central in the cloud allows you to manage all your users from anywhere in the world, with full control and transparency, records of calls, recordings, IVRs, schedules and many more.
Ovnicom Telefonía valor agregado

Exclusive added value

IP telephony allows natively integrating services of: IVR, Simultaneity of calls, calls waiting, transfer and call diversions, reports, call queues, messaging, etc.

100% scalable

IP Telephony has the versatility to expand or contract as size or need of your company.

Integration with multiple platforms

IP Telephony allows you to receive calls from your computer, laptop or SmartPhone.

Efficiency in connections

IP Telephony allows you to connect your offices, branches or personnel under the same telephone exchange

Our telephony services

Salas de Reuniones y Conferencias

Ovnicom ha homologado sus servicios de telefonía con Microsoft Teams, la herramienta de teletrabajo más utilizada.

Hosted PBX

Our HostedPBX is hosted in the secure and redundant cloud. Connect your users from anywhere in the world, without VPN, without dedicated connections and enjoy…

SIP Trunk y E1

If you already have a Traditional PBX or an IP PBX in your office, we can connect you with the world with our SIP Trunk…

Residential VoIP Lines

Enjoy our residential telephone service and get your local number in Panama. Travel anywhere in the world with your Panamanian number and save on international…

Microsoft Teams with Telephony

Ovnicom has homologated its telephony services with Microsoft Teams, the most widely used teleworking tool.

Investing in IP telephony has never been easier!

Our team of technology services professionals are ready to help you save money.

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