Chief Information Security Officer as a service


Computer security experts within your organization
Chief Information Security Officer- CISO

Minimize the risks of emerging threats that can affect your business.

Traditional computer security models, focused on the location and physical presence of employees, have been forced to change. The complexity of managing and operating this expanding new environment highlights the needs to continually safeguard ever-growing, potentially vulnerable points of attack.
The Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) assess, manage and advise the company to minimize the risks of emerging threats that may affect the business. With CISO as a Service and Ovnicom, organizations benefit from having access to cybersecurity experts and leaders, on demand, and delegate work to security professionals to focus on the core business goals of their business. Ovnicom CISO as a service fuels the conversation about cybersecurity and your business to engage key stakeholders around a fundamental question
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Do you have a cybersecurity program that is aligned with your company's transformation goals and objectives?

Ovnicom CISO as a Service cybersecurity experts spearhead strategic discussions, shaping opportunities to adjust cybersecurity program practices to continuously identify, protect, secure and report business security posture and appropriate roadmap safeguards to strengthen investments in cybersecurity in support of the organization's mission.
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Identify gaps in the business security program, its readiness and maturity. Define a baseline, an As-is state, and a desired state.
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Protect and minimize risks to acceptable levels as defined by the organization's risk management program and advise senior managers on cybersecurity risks and their impact on the business.
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Ensuring that the vision and that of the organization align with business objectives and establish a cybersecurity program to drive security investments and technology selection.
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Report on risk management and establish standards for continuous improvement of processes.

Manage cybersecurity risks.

Ovnicom’s cybersecurity CISOs bring leadership, business, and consulting expertise, with the knowledge necessary to communicate security status at all levels of the organization, from the boardroom to senior management to the operating floor. Their competencies can maximize security investments and bring alignment, consistency, and efficiency to a cybersecurity risk management program.

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