Unified and hyperconverged storage

With VoipTools we offer over 30 plugins that can supercharge your 3CX Phone system. Visualization boards, predictive dialers, recording management, call waiting services, emergency notifications, public address, data reports and much more. all this with the support and connectivity of Ovnicom.

Take a look at our product features to find out what VoIPTools can do for you and your business.

  1. Active Directory Synchronization: Allows Active Directory users and groups to be easily integrated into the 3CX Phone system.
  2. Automatic removal of permissions for the phone system: Ensures that users who no longer have the right to access the phone system are automatically removed.
  3. Audio Scheduler: Schedule personalized announcements through recordings, text-to-speech, or paging tones.
  4. Automatic Callback: Customers can leave voicemails or request a callback when agents are available.
  5. Auto Logout: Prevent agents from staying in the queue for too long by automatically logging out after a specified number of calls.
  6. Auto Self-ID: Check for missing self-identification messages and create them automatically.
  7. Automatic Voicemail: Allows agents to automatically leave voicemails and move on to the next call.
  8. Barge Messages: Insert pre-recorded messages or sounds into phone calls.
  9. Call Router: Customize how your organization’s incoming phone calls are routed.
  10. Caller ID: Change the outgoing caller ID based on the geographic region.
  11. Click to Call: Customers enter their number and receive an instant return call.
  12. Competence Dashboard: Monitors the activities of the organization’s inbound/outbound call centers.
  13. Custom Presence: Create an unlimited number of custom statuses.
  14. Do Not Call: Automatically discards internal calls in the “do not call” list and notifies the dialer via email.
  15. Emergency Notifier: Creates alarms that are played through the paging system and telephone speakers.
  16. Enhanced Billing Codes: Merge collect calls with customer billing codes.
  17. Exporter: Automates the export of call detail records from 3CX to SQL or MySQL.
  18. Free days importer: Quickly import all national and religious holidays.
  19. Hosted Billing: Automatically collect and report information for 3CX hosted instances.
  20. Monitor: View all events of a call, including start/end time, transfers, hold times, etc.
  21. On-Call Manager: Notify on-call employees by phone, email, or SMS with 30 levels of escalation.
  22. Power Dialer: Automate missed calls to customers using campaigns.
  23. Queue Notifier: Plays a sound when there are too many people in the queue or waiting too long.
  24. Queue Dashboard: Monitor the activities of the organization’s inbound/outbound call centers.
  25. Reception console: Transfer calls, check schedules, take notes, etc. from a control panel.
  26. Recording Beep: Adds an audible beep on calls to ensure call parties know the call is being recorded.
  27. Recording Manager: Manage all call recordings using a simple web portal.
  28. Poller: Dialer that allows agents to make calls, read poll scripts, and record information.
  29. Voice mail manager: Transcribe, forward, compress, archive and stagger your voice messages.
  30. Completion Codes: Classify, track and report phone calls using a simple pop-up window.
  31. API Rest/Relay: Construye tus propias integraciones personalizadas aprovechando nuestra API REST

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