Radio Frequency Analysis Wifi Networks

Ensure the best performance of your Wi-Fi network.

At Ovnicom, we manage large-scale wireless deployments for businesses and industries.

Our team of specialists makes on-site analysis of your locations, be they galleys, shops, processing plants or open fields, and determines the correct devices for an adequate coverage of your WiFi Network.
A radio frequency analysis for a Wi-Fi network performed by Ovnicom will give your company the information and dimensioning you need to implement an effective wireless plan to meet and / or exceed your specific business demands. environment.
What is a Radio Frequency analysis for a Wi-Fi network (WLAN)?
Today, Wi-Fi is considered a necessity. Due to the information age and the growing trend of connectivity requirements, employees and clients expect to have Wi-Fi available when they enter a building or establishment. A Wi-Fi Radio Frequency study is the process of planning and designing a wireless network. In addition, a Wi-Fi RF study will provide a wireless solution that offers the required wireless coverage, data traffic capabilities, network capacity, roaming capacity, and quality of service (QoS).
Three types of WLAN / Wi-Fi surveys.




The information revealed in a Wi-Fi survey will serve as a guide for the network design, installation and verification of the wireless communication infrastructure.

Want to evaluate and increase wireless network access for multiple locations?

Depending on their locations, the required equipment will be defined for each one. Therefore, you need a knowledgeable team to configure each AP and analyze coverage. Leveraging our certified technicians, Ovnicom deploys a team of the right size to get your new wireless system online quickly and efficiently. This is ideal for corporate or industrial locations that need to get started quickly or need to seamlessly transition from mobile service without interrupting workflow.

Ensure the best performance of your Wi-Fi network.

Ovnicom technicians will analyze each site carefully so that you only use the hardware you need, reducing duplication and frequency overlap and putting money back in your budget.

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