What advantages does the Ovnicom cloud have for companies in Panama?

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Ovnicom Edge Cloud Panama

Ovnicom Cloud Panama has been helping companies and organizations to improve data processing and analysis, which is why the edge is increasingly becoming the best alternative internationally.

How does Edge Computing work?

This technology generates information exchange between cloud servers and devices connected to the Internet. The difference is that the Edge is where people, devices or ‘things’ exchange data with the network and in the case of Ovnicom and its clients, the cloud is directly connected by fiber optics to its users.

In this concept, most of the data in Edge is processed locally, which is why in many cases it is real-time data.

Cloud EDGE (edge) helps speed data transfer and analysis while reducing data transfer time and costs.

The computing in this case occurs at the edge of the network, hence the name EDGE. It implies that the Cloud receives data from a connected network, which it processes and sends in real time.

This is the main offer of Cloud Ovnicom in Panama. You and your company will be connected to your cloud through a local network connection, which makes Ovnicom’s public cloud your Edge cloud. Latency to your cloud is like a local network, so the speed of your communications will be the same as having your workloads on local servers,

This computing method speeds up the data processing and transmission aspects compared to direct dealing with the international cloud which is thousands and thousands of kilometers away.

Any industry that relies on real-time data and tracking logistics benefits greatly from EDGE, with real-time data processing helping to improve efficiency and productivity by tracking equipment and workers. EDGE computing is used in retail to enhance the customer experience. Data can be processed and analyzed faster, allowing retailers to act faster to provide customers with more personalized experiences.

The Ovnicom Panama Cloud is your EDGE cloud, with imperceptible latency, unlimited and guaranteed bandwidth and local support, it also has all the certifications for both Data Center, Software and processes as well as human resources required to feel safe that their workloads are being served by the best technology on the market.

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