Secure your Data and your Infrastructure with Ovnicom

Protection Against Cyber Threats.

Ovnicom protects your business with state-of-the-art solutions to prevent ransomware and guarantee the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Ovnicom offers the Panamanian business market its advanced service for the protection against Cyber threats and for the assurance of the main business asset in the era of digital transformation, such as DATA.

Through the use and operation of state-of-the-art security solutions from Acronis, VMWARE, Azure, Cisco Systems, among others, Ovnicom offers a managed strategic and tactical support service to comply with the highest standards of information security and cybersecurity in your entire organization.

Ovnicom has contextualized its Cybersecurity value proposition into 3 major services, namely:

Audit (assesment) of the Network and Data Center.
  • Specialized and personalized services for the identification and assurance of the digital resources of the company.
Perimeter Security and Specialized and personalized services for the identification and assurance of the digital resources of the company. Public Cloud.
  • We provide cybersecurity solutions for intrusion detection, email scanning, cloud resource protection, and identity as a service, focused on optimizing IT operations.
Technology Transfer and Education in InfoSec (information security) and Cybersecurity.
  • We have a personalized advisory service for staff to teach best practices in the information security industry.

Today, companies need to stay competitive in a highly globalized and connected world, where the perimeter is no longer a firewall and protection is no longer a simple antivirus.

With Ovnicom, your business will be able to count on a range of specialized and advanced solutions to achieve a safe, flexible and profitable environment in a context of high global competition, where computer security is no longer an option.

It is a business duty to protect the data of your clients and with Ovnicom you will be able to do it, with specialized personnel dedicated to your business, with state-of-the-art solutions and at highly competitive prices and most importantly with a Trusted Ally and Advisor who understands your business and focuses on guaranteeing the 3 business pillars: Savings, Profitability and Efficiency.

Receive a high-quality service and reliable support in achieving your business goals and strategic business objectives.

Based on a Managed Service Model, Ovnicom offers you to your business, a Unified Communications Platform designed for the Digital Transformation era, allowing your business, immediately and in real time, to optimize and secure communications with your customers and suppliers.

As part of its value proposition, Ovnicom offers a 30-day Free Demo in try-and-buy mode, where you receive a Cybersecurity Protection service for your computers and virtual resources, with our Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud solution added to a specialized auditing to identify your needs for insurance and protection of your digital resources.

Ovnicom is a Panamanian company, with more than 19 years of experience in the management of Voice, Video and Data Telecommunications services and in the delivery of managed services in Information Technology, providing your company with a turnkey infrastructure solution. Global Security connectivity with Local Personnel and in Spanish, certified in the main brands in the world, such as Cisco Systems, VMWARE, Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

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