Cybersecurity in the cloud: How can Ovnicom help protect your company?

Today, many companies are choosing to store their information in the cloud, which gives them greater flexibility and efficiency in managing their data. However, this also implies a greater risk of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities in computer security. In this sense, Ovnicom offers cybersecurity solutions in the cloud to protect company information and guarantee its integrity.

What is cybersecurity in the cloud?

Cybersecurity in the cloud refers to the measures and tools that are used to protect data and computer systems that are in the cloud. This implies the protection of information against possible cyberattacks, the control of access to data and systems, the monitoring of activity in the cloud and the management of vulnerabilities.

Ovnicom solutions to protect your company in the cloud

Ovnicom offers cybersecurity solutions in the cloud that adapt to the needs of each company. Among the main solutions are:

  • Protection against cyberattacks: Ovnicom has threat detection tools and protection against malware, ransomware and other types of cyberattacks.

  • Access control: Ovnicom offers identity and access management solutions, which allow you to control who has access to the company’s data and systems in the cloud.

  • Vulnerability monitoring and management: Ovnicom has vulnerability monitoring and management tools that make it possible to detect and correct possible security flaws in the cloud.

In short, cybersecurity in the cloud is essential to guarantee the protection of company information. Ovnicom offers solutions adapted to the needs of each company, to guarantee the security of their data and systems in the cloud.

Do not hesitate to contact Ovnicom to obtain more information about its cybersecurity solutions in the cloud and protect your company from possible cyberattacks.

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