Paessler y PRTG

Ovnicom and Paessler in perfect alliance monitoring the 4.0 world with prtg.

PRTG Network Monitor

Simplify your day with PRTG​

Monitor your entire IT infrastructure with PRTG Network Monitor. You’ll have a complete view of the health and performance of the network, to ensure that all critical components of your IT infrastructure are running smoothly.

PRTG Enterprise Monitor

Key benefits for ease of use​

PRTG Enterprise Monitor offers several key benefits for ease of use. It is a unified multifunctional network operations platform that combines infrastructure discovery, metrics monitoring, flow monitoring, alarm management, and more in a single solution.

Smart and easy monitoring

It works in minutes, without complicated configurations. Smart setup and auto-discovery for a quick start.

Tecnologías integradas

PRTG oversees your entire IT infrastructure.

It is compatible with the main technologies:

  • SNMP: ready to use and with customization options
  • Windows and WMI performance counters
  • SSH: for Linux/Unix and MacOS systems
  • Traffic analysis using Flow protocols or packet sniffing
  • HTTP requests
  • REST API returning XML or JSON
  • Ping, SQL and much more

Maps and Dashboards

visualize your network

using real-time maps with live status information.

Create dashboards with PRTG’s map designer and integrate all the components of your network using over 300 different map objects such as device and status icons, traffic graphs, lists and more.

Customize your map using your own HTML code. Once you’re done, share your map as a publicly accessible URL or internally on your LAN.

flexible alerts


PRTG will alert you when you discover problems or unusual metrics.

PRTG has multiple built-in mechanisms to notify you, such as email, push notifications, or HTTP requests. With our free apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, you’ll get notifications delivered right to your phone.

Tailor the notification system to your own needs and schedule alerts (such as “no low priority alerts at night”), or avoid receiving hundreds of similar messages by using dependencies.

You can even use our PRTG API to write your own notifications.

Professional service

Our team of Professionals are ready to help you save money.

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